Jordyn Woods is Taking Beauty to the Next Level

Jordyn Woods is Taking Beauty to the Next Level

We met the 20 year-old model at the St. Ives Mixing Bar to talk summer goals, her low-key DJ career, and all things beauty.

We met the 20 year-old model at the St. Ives Mixing Bar to talk summer goals, her low-key DJ career, and all things beauty.

Text: AJ Longabaugh

The St. Ives Mixing Bar returns to New York this summer and has landed in the Flatiron neighborhood at 168 Fifth Avenue. Inspired by St. Ives’ iconic abundance of natural ingredients, this second installment of the  Mixing Bar features hundreds of unique ingredient combinations, desired lotion richness and facial scrub exfoliation levels.

As part of this exclusive summer experience, St Ives' has planned of lineup of fresh faces to make appearances at the Mixing Bar the will be announced throughout the entire season. Kicking off this series is upcoming model and established influencer, Jordyn Woods.

V caught up with Jordyn and chatted about summer goals, her low-key DJ career, and all things beauty. Peep our conversation with the rising model below!

Can you describe a little bit about your summer style?

Yes! It’s starting to get really hot in California, where I'm based so shorts and loose fitting things have been my go to. I’ve also been obsessed with cute summer dresses and denim as well.

Who are some of your favorite brands?

Brands, um, it’s difficult because my new thing also is finding random Instagram designers and DM'ing them and saying like, “Hey can we collab?" or "I’d love to wear your clothing.” Yesterday, Dover St. Market had a sale so I went a little bit crazy. What I'm wearing today was not what I was planning to wear, but I splurged. It's Jacquemus.

Do you have any goals for the summer?

Well I’m trying to get my active wear line off the ground. I’m very excited about it and am waiting for some official samples to come in. I'm aiming for the first launch to arrive late summer. I also have some beauty collaborations in the works. I'm just encouraging myself to challenge myself in many arenas.

Speaking of beauty, can you take me through a little bit about your routine and how you incorporate beauty in your everyday life?

It's said that, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" which to me translates–as corny as that sounds–that all things beauty starts on the inside. It’s like when you meet someone that you think is really beautiful but then they are shitty to you and everyone else and it shatters any and all sense of true beauty.

For me and my routine, it all starts with my skincare. Skin is very important and exfoliation is key. My relationship to St. Ives started when I was really young because I’ve seen their products in my Mom’s cabinet since forever. My biggest advice for this summer is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Get that summer glow and work it.

I’m also all about oils, moisturizers, and sun screen. Other beauty hacks I love are lash extensions so I don’t have to worry about putting on mascara, brow gel because tbh my brows are out of hand, and I love a good lipgloss.

What are you listening to right now?

So I DJ on the low.

Excuse me? Jordyn, you DJ on the low?!?!

Yes [haha]. Like on the low, low. My alias is DJ Air Jordyn.

How long has DJ Air Jordyn been a thing?

It’s been happening for a couple of years. I’ve done some launch parties, and a couple Coachella including the Revolve Pool Party and Galore Party. I get really nervous every time because I kind of fake it. That's what it is! It's one of those things "fake it 'til you make it" things.

Isn’t that the a fun part? Setting the vibe and just going with it?

Totally! Regarding music, I've been jamming to any and all 90’s R&B. I’m also excited to hear Drake’s album.

His Degrassi video slayed me!


Totally took me back to being 13 in my parents basement.  What are some other day to day investments you use to stay fresh?

Diet plays an important role in your skin. For me, I don’t necessarily eat that bad, so there isn’t anything that I try to stay away from. I don’t know what my allergies are but I do want to get an allergy test because there are so many things that people are allergic to that they eat, but don’t know.

Right because allergies can be so subtle.

Also drink lots of water! It's so important to remind yourself multiple times a day because it's not just good for you, it's absolutely essential.

Who are some of your role models?

I feel like anyone who is doing exactly what they want to be doing and making the world a better place while they're at it is a role model to me. I feel like I meet new role models every day, whether it’s someone that I meet here today, or tomorrow or even people I come across on Instagram

I like to label the fashion world as a community instead of an industry because a community implies and promote inclusivity. I find you to be a light in the fashion community and am so excited for your rise in both modeling and beauty. Is there a piece of advice you can share for someone who wants to pursue something but is too afraid to take the first step?

I feel like in order to get anywhere you have to take that step. It's terrifying because by doing that you are opening yourself to possible rejection and the opinions of people that don't necessarily think like you do. And we you do get rejected you have to push yourself to keep trying until that one door opens and when that happens, so many possibilities will follow. Don't take no for an answer and stay true to yourself.

I love that. Also I love your nails. It’s like a French tip but it’s not. How does that work?

It’s really just my natural nails with a layer of polygel. It’s harder than normal gel, but it’s not quite as hard as acrylic and doesn’t have as many chemicals as acrylic which is better all around.

They look so great, and so do you.




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