Bop Refresh: 6/15

Bop Refresh: 6/15

Every Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the best new songs from the week.

Every Friday, V re-jiggers your playlists with the best new songs from the week.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Troye Sivan, “Dance to This (feat. Ariana Grande)”

This has been an excellent week for Ariana—and she didn’t even release a song of her own (as you know, her next light is called “The Light Is Coming”, and it’s coming). It started with the reveal of her engagement, then the unveiling of her first collaboration of the week, this one with popstar Troye Sivan. Her voice glides like butter atop the stunning strings and melancholic synths, not to mention the bumping bridge that’ll make anyone briefly twerk in their desk seat. 

Nicki Minaj, “Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)”

On to the next one for Ari. With their latest collaboration “Bed,” her and Nicki inch closer to becoming the next Beyoncé and Jay-Z (without the marriage, Ariana’s taking care of that on her own), producing a slick, luscious slow jam that fits nicely alongside their more upbeat collabs.  

SOPHIE, “Immaterial”

SOPHIE's impeccably titled debut album is a proud, queer, and plastic triumph (with the most stunning cover to boot), but it's "Immaterial" that has my ears hypnotized at first listen. Her expertly produced rubber-pop meshed with the paradox of an iconic Madonna reference? Consider me sold. 

Christina Aguilera, “Maria”

Xtina’s long anticipated new record Liberation marks an excellent comeback for the superstar, and “Maria” is the mission statement at the center of it all. It’s a cinematic epic that begins Aguilera’s personal journey of rediscovery, her iconic vocals soaring atop the intricate strings, booming hip-hop beat, and clever Jackson 5 sample. To say it succinctly, it’s the best thing Kanye West has produced in years. 

Alessia Cara, “Growing Pains”

Alessia is still going through growing pains on her ruminative new single, the first from her upcoming sophomore album, and yet, she still comes across as more mature than the rest of us. 

Let’s Eat Grandma, “Ava”

The dynamite electro duo lets up on their typical ethereal-pop explosion to show off a more sensitive side in the form of “Ava”, a quiet yet dramatic piano ballad that still shows off their flair. 

Martin Garrix, “Oceans (feat. Khalid)”

The R&B sensation’s smooth, lucid vocals works surprisingly well against the DJ’s intense yet mellow production. 

King Princess, “Upper West Side”

The Upper West Side is possibly the most underrated neighborhood in Manhattan, to be quite honest (her sultry rock song about it and the struggles of uptown-downtown life and love is also very good). 


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